Getting Started

In the Beginning......

A long, long time ago in a far away land there once was a young lady who gave herself to her King.  She had children and loved them with all her heart.  As she grew up she began to dislike her appearance and was shamed for the body she now had.  Frustrated by all the body shaming and lack of fashionable attire she left her kingdom on a search to find something better.  After numerous years of searching she finally found her way.  A way to love herself, love her appearance and the way she saw herself regardless on her size.  As her size grew and grew the challenges became more and more real to find herself clothing she loved and wanted to wear. 

It's been a very long Journey searching and sourcing to find her love and passion that she would be honored to share with others.  After many years she has finally found what she was looking for and it was all right there in front of her for years.  Problem was she didn't have the strength to open her eyes to see what was always right there. 

Now eyes wide open and ready to except her as she is and embrace what it is she loves and to be proud of who she is and all she has to give. 

With the a kiss from a new Prince and his love, dedication and encouragement she now starts a new journey.  A journey to share what she has found, to share her love for fashions and to encourage others who have lost there way.  Love yourself, Love your Curves and embrace what life has to offer you. 

and she lived happily ever after.........(to be continued)